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​Why the Extractor Nail Remover Is a Must-Have Tool for Any Remodeling Project


Remodeling a space can be a challenge. In most cases, some demolition will be needed, but that doesn’t mean you can go in with a hammer and tear the whole thing down! If you want to preserve and reuse certain materials, like wood, you need the right tools, which means having the extractor nail remover in your tool belt.

Extractor Nail Remover

Remove nails without damaging the wood

Traditional methods, and even some traditional tools, can easily take care of nails, but at a cost. Traditional nail pullers have sharp jaws that can effectively remove a nail, but not without severely damaging the wood. In many cases, the wood is so damaged it must either be thrown out or heavily refinished, which costs time and money.

Our extractor nail remover is different. It has been specially designed with rounded jaws to remove both headed and smooth nails with very little damage to the wood that it’s being extracted from, allowing you to reuse materials, which ultimately saves money.

Comfortable nail removal

The easier it is to remove those nails, the quicker you’ll finish the job, but you’ll also be more likely to avoid serious damage to the wood that you’re hoping to reuse.

The extractor nail remover has no-slip cushion grip handles and auto-locking parallel jaws that allow you to easily grip each nail and remove it quickly and easily. In addition, it is a full 11 inches in length, providing you with plenty of torque to remove even the most stubborn nails with ease.

Get into hard-to-reach areas

When removing boards with as little damage to the wood as possible, you’re likely to find yourself in some tight spots. The extractor nail remover has a small profile so it can very easily be squeezed into nooks and crannies that other tools struggle to reach.

Place your order for an extractor nail remover with us today and we’ll help make sure stubborn nails and ruined boards are a thing of the past!

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