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Butterfly Kite in the Sky

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Butterfly Kite in the Sky

Butterfly Single Line Kite

You can’t let summer pass you by without flying a kite at least once. While you can always go to the nearest department store and pick one up, you won’t get the same control, durability or aesthetic as the  butterfly single line kite. It’s like a double dose of summer.

Made out of lightweight polyester fabric, the butterfly kite looks and flies like silk. Thanks to the material, it only requires a gentle breeze (around 6-12 miles per hour) to ascend into the sky and flutter happily. The appealing design and bright colors are sure to attract plenty of attention and compliments. Armed with 80 feet of 30 pound line, the butterfly kite allows you to glide high above trees and in wind speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Enjoy it as the sunlight shimmers off its iridescent wings.

Anyone can fly and enjoy this kite from beginners to more experienced users. It’s easy and quick to set up and put away, folding to only 26 inches. It’s the perfect size to bring on a hike or a simple jaunt around a park.

Despite its beauty, it is very durable thanks to the fiberglass spars. That means even novice kite flyers can try their hand at it without worrying about crashes. Just make sure to read the instructions that come with the butterfly kite to ensure proper assembly.

Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of summer. They emerge in all their splendor during the season and are a reminder of the beauty and transience of these hot and ephemeral days. Of course, you can always have a little bit of summer with you at all times with the butterfly single line kite. 

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