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Crack Eggs and Nuts with the Clack Egg Opener and Naomi Nutcracker

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Sometimes you want to crack some nuts…or eggs. Luckily with the Clack Egg Opener and Naomi Nutcracker you can do both. At the same time if you want, though don’t blame us for any mishaps.

Clack Egg Opener  

Designed by German engineers, the Clack Egg Opener is a simple and elegant way to start off your morning breakfast. The stainless steel utensil offers a quick and easy way to break open raw or soft-boiled eggs. The best part? No more shell fragments when you bite into your egg dish. If that doesn’t warrant an instant buy then how about this – it will make your kids want to help out with breakfast as well.

Several satisfied customers have noted how much fun their kids have had with this particular egg cutting tool. Even if the egg doesn’t crack on the first try it just means they have more chances to drop the ball weight down onto the bell. Even adults find the action amusing and many customers have bought more than one to “reduce the ‘Let me see it!’ in their house.

So how does it work? When you place the egg cracker on the top of an egg, the bell section leaves an air pocket. When you drop the metal ball the force of the weight pushes the sides into the egg leading to a perfectly sphere crack. You’ll still need to use a small knife to actually take the top off for hard boiled eggs, but it’s perfect for when you want egg and soldiers.

As noted earlier, you can also use this on raw eggs. Best of all there are no tiny fragments in your yolk once you remove the top.

Unlike other egg openers, this one does not have any spring parts and the only moving part is the weighted ball. That means it should last a lifetime. It might even be something you pass on to your grandchildren.

While it’s generally easy to use there is one trick to getting that perfect crack in one drop – don’t apply any pressure on the bell when you drop the ball. This reduces the strength of the drop and you’ll likely have to drop several times. Also, while you can place it on the wide end of an egg, it works best when used on the narrow end.

Naomi Nut Cracker  

Not all nutcrackers are created equal. Sure there are the handheld ones that do an all right job, but tough nuts often slip through the grips and clatter to the ground. Then there are the toy nutcrackers. We can’t help but feel bad about having the poor dude crack nuts with his teeth. Luckily, some ingenuous company in Germany created the Naomi Nut Cracker. Now you can safely crack open any kind of nut guilt free. People loved it so much it won the Red Dot Design Award.

On first inspection, the Naomi Nut Cracker looks like a normal spring with a ball on top. However, it’s this deceivingly simple design makes this nut cracker perfect for anyone to use. All you need to do is place a nut on the base and then put the nutcracker on top. After that, pull the handle and release for a perfectly cracked nut. The weight of strength of the spring action and weight of the ball is what makes this gadget work. Even better, the spring catches nutshell pieces so you don’t have to spend time picking them out. Can we also mention their fun packaging? Rather than a standard box, the Naomi nutcracker comes with the handle and spring poking and wiggling out the top. It really encapsulates the fun of using it.

The design doesn’t come without its issues, however. If you pull back too far you’ll end up crushing the entire nut. If you don’t pull back enough you won’t make a dent. You’ll want to pull it back until the lower springs have about a half inch gap between the coils, but not so much there’s any tension at the very top. For best results, try out different tensions for different nuts. The harder the shell, the more you’ll need to pull the handle back.

If you happen to eat a lot of shelled nuts or know someone who does, then this is the perfect nut cracker. It offers functionality and entertainment at the same time. Heck, if you’re not into shelled nuts, this doodad might make you change your mind.

Why did the designers decide to name it Naomi? The world may never know, however it certainly makes for interesting guesses. And some fun introductions to the product. Here’s one of our favorites, “Naomi is like one of those girls who is incredibly hot and arousing, but also kind of stony and completely unapproachable. Dare to speak to her, or even look at her for one beat too long, and she’ll crush your nuts like a…conical stainless steel spring stretch to capacity…Wherever Naomi goes she leaves piles of cracked, torn, gutted nuts in her wake.”

Not sure which one to get for your household? Why not get both? While we don’t suggest trying to open an egg with Naomi or cracking a nut with the clack egg opener, we’re sure there are some adventurous souls who have already tried it with hilarious results. You can purchase both of these items on our store now. Get it as a present for friends and family (Christmas isn’t too far away) or for yourself. After all, everyone deserves something nice once in a while.

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